Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The New 9-2X has arrived!
Whether you love or hate the idea of the 9-2X, everyone should take a good look at this car and that includes taking it for a ride. The bottom line is that it is a fine car. The size and character of this car are perfect for filling a void in the Saab line-up. All-wheel drive is a nice feature to have, and otherwise the cars are nicely equipped, especially in having a "5th" door. Some elements of the car, especially to those most intimate with the current generation of Saab products, will seem crude (in subtle ways). But the fun factor is certainly there, and the quirk factor, which has quietly disappeared to a degree from our cars, is present. I think everyone needs to give this car a legitimate look before decrying it as an unworthy bearer of a Saab emblem. Those still skeptical might least look at the 9-2X as the progenitor to some really interesting smaller Saab product yet to come. Until then, let's shelve the debate, buckle up, and have some fun!

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