Wednesday, May 05, 2004

What Makes the 9-2X Different from its WRX Cousin?

Last night I watched the Saab sales training walk around video on the 9-2X and a couple of things jumped out at me:

1. Suspension Changes: Saab claims stiffer bushings in the front control arms, different shock damping and a couple of other changes to improve the ride and handling. Not sure if the Scooby has the lighterweight aluminum suspension bits that they were talking about. Once the 9-2X is out, I'll want to drive a WRX to see how differently it handles. The Saab will probably be a bit heavier, due to additional sound insulation and equipment.

2. Wow, the Saab really is so much better looking than the Scooby! The "Saaby" nose is so much cleaner than the WRX, without the permanent roof load bars, it looks sleeker overall. And the interior is worlds better. I'm not sure I love the two-tone interior treatment, but it does fit the car's character.

3. Standard Saab 4 year, or 50,000 mile warranty, though no charge scheduled maintainence is only 24/24 vs 36/36 on the 9-3 and 9-5.

I'm a long time automobile and Saab enthusiast (8 Saabs in 20 years) and I'm excited about the 9-2X. I've been to the Charles River sponsored Steven's Advanced Driver Training as well as Skip Barber driver training. I love to drive, and I'm really looking forward to spending a day in early July at the Saab 9-2X "Ride & Drive" training!