Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Post Script

Lots of readers enjoyed the piece about the Saab Museum, so I feel it is worth adding a post-script. At the end of the account, I had mentioned that Dan had been, by dint of experience at the museum, bitten by the vintage Saab bug. He has been looking hard, both here and in Sweden (his work is still taking him there frequently), and has finally found a winner. After two visits to Vermont and much deliberating, Dan has purchased a 1957 93. It needs a new floor pan, which is provided, but the rest of the body, chassis and interior are said to be in good condition. Of course, being the year of our founding, 1957 is a special year for Charles River Saab, and given how few dealers there were in the states in those days, it would be fascinating to find out where this car originated. Besides a barn-full of spare parts, also included in the sale was the rolling chassis—no power-train—of a 1960 93. Dan is considering a unique build, blending this body with a more contemporary chassis and power-train to create a really unique daily driver.

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Great find!