Friday, February 13, 2004

I think it is unfortunate that following the Super Bowl, that the Janet-Justin flap overwhelmed all the great things that transpired that night, like a really entertaining football game! After the game itself, the commercials were fodder for post game discussion, and the consensus was that this was not a banner year for Super Bowl advertising. I will put in a plug for the Chevrolet “soap” commercial: it was cute. But as a “car guy,” I was completely transfixed by the Ford GT40 ads that ran sometime prior to the game. If you missed these, and if you enjoy things automotive, please do yourself a favor and visit
and play both commercials. It won’t be quite the same as seeing the ads on a big screen, with the surround sound turned way up (the sound may be the best part of the ads), but if you’ve ever found fast cars sexy, these ads will be a turn-on.

Too bad that Saab will never have a hand at a Super Bowl commercial. Then again, maybe that’s a good thing. But if they did, maybe they could remake their 1988 “Saab Ballet.” If you haven’t seen this before, take a look. This is a scream!

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